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You Only Have Seconds...

If you buy houses for cash professionally, you know how competitive it is. In every major market, there are dozens of "We buy homes" real estate websites for your potential seller to choose from. Most look surprisingly similar to each other.

You've only a few seconds to grab your visitor's attention before they go to another real estate investor's website. Investor Botz will engage your visitors, answer their questions, and directly convert them into leads. All without you having to do anything!

What is Investor Botz?

Investor Botz is an Artificial Intelligence chatbot for real estate investors built on the IBM Watson platform. You can place Investor Botz on your website and in Facebook Messenger to help you generate more leads.

Generate More Clients

According to Forbes, 90% of people prefer chat conversations with companies over other communication methods. Investor Botz  will answer your prospects' questions quickly and accurately. Because of this, you will get more leads which will lead to more clients.

Scheduling & Booking

Investor Botz will allow your prospects to schedule an appointment with you using your own calendar software like Google Calendar, Outlook 365, Calendly, 10 to 8, or any other web-based appointment system.

Intelligent Answers

While Investor Botz can answer your frequently asked questions, it's impossible to anticipate every possible question. Up until recently, all a chatbot could do when faced with a question it wasn't programmed to answer was to respond with something like "Sorry, I didn't understand your question. Can you rephrase it?"

Now with Investor Botz, we can index all of your web pages, blog posts, and articles and make them available when your visitor asks your chatbot a question that we haven't programmed and that can be answered by one of your pages, posts, or articles.

Screening & Intake

Investor Botz asks your visitors to complete a lead form that will give you the information you'll want to help you buy their house. More information is better and Investor Botz knows what questions to ask about their needs to help turn your leads into prospects and house purchases.

Automated Follow Up

Investor Botz includes an automated follow-up system that will send your prospects a 12-month sequence of professionally crafted emails and SMS messages. You can use our sequence as it, edit it, or create your own sequence of emails and SMS messages.


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The Ultimate Real Estate Investor's Chatbot

Investor Botz is available to answer your visitors'  24/7 - 365. Investor Botz is always available so that you never miss an inquiry that might lead to a sale.

Investor Botz uses artificial intelligence to understand natural language queries to better be able to respond to your visitors' intentions.

Investor Botz can be placed on both your real estate website and on Facebook Messenger. Unlike some other chatbots, Investor Botz does not require your visitor to log in to Messenger to leave their information when responding on your website.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chatbot

A chatbot is a computer program that responds to question as if it were a person. Investor Botz  is a chatbot built on the IBM Watson platform. IBM Watson is a leader in chatbot technology.

Why do I need a Investor Botz?

Investor Botz is the most effective way to engage with your real estate website visitors to convert them into clients. Investor Botz will answer your visitors' questions and get them to fill out your lead forms.

What does Investor Botz do?

Agent Botz is available to assist you visitors both on your website and on Facebook Messenger. Agent Botz is programmed to handle:

1. FAQs: Investor Botz can answer your visitors' questions like: "Should I get preapproved for a mortgage?" or "Is it worth holding an open-house?" and more, freeing you up to handle the more complex queries.

2. Gathering client information: Investor Botz can gather all of your visitors' information so that you can contact them to help them with their real estate needs.

3. Faster response time: Investor Botz can handle a virtually unlimited about of chats at the same time, cutting down on response time for your visitors. Investor Botz can also deliver responses more quickly than a human agent.

4. 24/7 service: Investor Botz provides another way for your potential clients to still get answers when you are not available.

How does Investor Botz use artificial intelligence?

The IBM Watson platform on which Investor Botz is built uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve your chatbot's performance. Some of the AI concepts Agent Botz uses are:

Natural Language Processing (NLP): A form of artificial intelligence that enables chatbots to understand conversational dialog and identify intent.

Machine Learning: Algorithms that help a chatbot to “learn” concepts using data — without being explicitly programmed. For example, chatbots gain more confidence in their responses based on feedback from agents and customers.

How will Investor Botz improve my reall estate website visitors' experience?

Investor Botz will improve your clients' experience by giving them the quick answers they demand, on their terms, anytime and anywhere they want. With the ability to provide 24/7 customer service and be able to answer a virtually unlimited number of inquiries at the same time, Investor Botz is your 21st-century answer to customer service.

Taking it a step further, Investor Botz even has the ability to index your website, blog posts, and PDFs to serve as a resource to answer your visitors' questions.

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